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1m Pro-Gold Deluxe 1080p Top End RGB Phono HDTV component Video cables leads 1 metre

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  • 1m Pro-Gold Deluxe 1080p Top End RGB Phono HDTV component Video cables leads 1 metre
  • 1m Pro-Gold Deluxe 1080p Top End RGB Phono HDTV component Video cables leads 1 metre
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Brand: HDIUK


  • 1 metre high quality top end professional video cables
  • HDTV upto 1080p analogue interconnects
  • Super high quality materials. Strong and flexible cables
  • Hand made in the UK by experienced AV engineers
  • 24k Gold connectors

Publisher: HDInterconnects

Mechanically, it is based on RG59 but uses a stranded central conductor for flexibility. Our cable has the precision electrical performance required for high performance analogue applications and the mechanical qualities of a flexible microphone cable. Materials We now use a higher purity oxygen free copper for the conductors - Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper (UPOFC). The use of this material further improves the conductivity of the cable resulting in faithful and accurate picture information transmission. The conductor insulation is polyethylene which has a low dielectric constant and is particularly stable across a broad frequency range. The dielectric constant of a material is a major factor in the cable's low capacitance, while the stability helps maintain constant impedance. The type of polyethylene used also has a high crush resistance, which ensures that the cable's insulator keeps it shape when flexed resulting in less variance in the characteristic impedance of the overall cable. This insulated conductor is screened with 96% optical coverage bare oxygen free copper braid and overlaid with a special non-reflective anti kink PVC composite jacket. The high density of copper conductors used in the overall braid provides an effective connection between the cable and the crimp Applications Suitable for serial digital video transmissions up to 30 metres Colour coding suitable for RGBHV, RGBS, YUV and other video formats Ideal for use with SP Dif format digital audio signals and word clock Terminations Our specially selected RCA Phono male connectors. All metal 24k Gold electroplated for superb contact with source or receiver. The use of lead free Solder containing a high silver content connects the pin to the central conductor and Crimped outer ring to add reliability to the outer braid.

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