Krinner Comfort M Real Christmas Tree Stand - Tree Size Max: 250cm High, Trunk Upto 12cm

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If you want to put your tree up, but don’t want to put your back out, the Krinner Comfort stand is worthy of your attention. Krinner’s patented pedal-based stands allow you to clamp your tree firmly in place with a foot-operated ratchet clamping system, that grips the tree equally around the trunk so it stands up straight. The Medium model will hold trees up to 2.5 Metres. Trunk Max Diameter 12cm

The Krinner Comfort stand certainly holds water. 3.5 litres of water, in fact, with a pop-up water gauge so you can see when your tree is getting thirsty. The pedal system also includes a safety lock to stop the wire and clamps from unexpectedly coming loose.