TheChilliLover Scoville Buster Pepper X, Reaper, Yellow Ghost Choc Habanero 4x10

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At TheChilliLover, we like to think outside the box. We know that you are not only looking for seeds for a HOT PEPPER lover but someone who has green fingers too. Otherwise you would just buy them a jar of hot sauce right?

So we as keen gardeners ourselves decided that as well as offering the worlds HOTTEST chilli pepper seeds to satisfy the fire eater but also a dazzling display of colour for the Monty Don!

Here we have come up with it and it is pretty good!

TheChilliLover Scoville Buster with
1, Pepper X. 10 Seeds that produce a big bush having lots of bright green blistering HOT peppers with a rating 2.2Million+ SHU (Worlds hottest, Unconfirmed)

2, Carolina Reaper. 10 Seeds that produce a big bush with bright red peppers Ultra Hot with a rating of 1.6 to 2.2Million SHU (Official Worlds Hottest)

3, Yellow Ghost. 10 Seeds that produce a large plant with green foliage and bright yellow Naga peppers with a rating of 855,000 to 1.2Million SHU (Relative of the Naga, famous for being grown in Dorset)

4, Choc Habanero. 10 Seeds that produce a glorious pepper plant. Green foliage and lovely chocolate coloured Habanero peppers. 250,000 to 500,000 SHU. This one looks really cool!

So this pack is a super gift for you or your fire breathing friend!

Supplied in Separate seed packs and suitable for gifting.

TheChilliLover Seeds are produced in our nursery here in the UK and our mother plants are naturally pest and disease free.

Quality assured.

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