Kirkland Premium 2 x 250 packs Tumble Dryer Sheets Fabric Softener

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Kirkland Premium from the USA 250 Tumble Dryer Sheets Refreshing Scent 2 Box pack for a total of 500 16 cm x 22 cm (6.4 IN x 9 IN) single sheets. 

  • Reduce Static Cling
  • Softens & Freshens
  • Helps Repel Fluff and Hair

How to use

  1. Load clothes and fabrics into dryer and set heat as usual. 
  2. Place one to two sheets (depending on preference) on top of wet clothes. Start the dryer.
  3. Once your load is dry, remove the used sheet(s) and discard. Enjoy Fresh and soft clothes. 

Bookmark for MORE varieties of American Tumble Dryer sheets coming soon!

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