Hecho en Mexico - Real Mexican Coke

Hecho en Mexico - Real Mexican Coke

Over the last few days, We have seen a massive uplift in sales for our authentic Mexican Coca Cola bottles, Pack of 4. This has lead us to take steps to secure more stock in our warehouse. We have a good supply and have already put in orders to ensure we can keep supplying Mexican Coke to you direct. 

I first found out about Mexican Coke about four years ago when I took a trip to visit my dear brother Kristian, over in Miami Florida. I remember it like it was yesterday. Excited, he said "Jim, I have something for you to try, you wait until you taste this". "But it is Coke" I replied. "Nah, you don't get it, this is not just Coke, this is Mexican Coke" he boomed as he thrust the green glass bottle toward me. 

What happened next was like a light shining from the sky! It was Amazing and like something I simply didn't expect. 
WOW, this stuff really does taste like The Real Thing! 

I remember later that evening in Miami, We didn't drink beer, we drank Mexican Coke! 

And, if you haven't tried Real  Mexican Coca Cola yet, you are going to experience the same ray of light I did that afternoon back in Miami!

Why Mexican Coke is the BEST in the World

It is all down to the Sugar. Mexican Coke or Coca Cola (Hecho en Mexico), is made using real Mexican cane sugar from local Mexican farmers. In the USA, Coca Cola uses high fructose corn syrup and in the UK, beet sugar, Only in Mexico, where the government undertook a campaign to protect Mexican sugar cane farmers, is Coca Cola still made from real cane sugar. This gives the product the taste that the original recipe called for. a combination of Mexican water and the cane sugar provides a taste that is, quite literally, The Real Thing!

4th Mar 2021 Jim

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