2-Way 240 Volt CEE Commando Plug to 2 x 16 Amp Coupler Outdoor IP44 Mains Power Splitter Cable Hookup Lead

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  • 16Amp Splitter 16A or 32A Plug to Two 16A Coouplers (Select Option for Plug Rating)
  • Split 240 Volts CEE Socket Outlet via two IP44 16A Rated Couplers
  • Perfect for Camping, Caravan, Lighting Small Appliance Power Connectors
  • High Quality Components 1.5mm Arctic Cable
  • IEC / 500v Insulation Tested

"Select the Plug Size you need either 16 Amp or 32 Amp Options available above

Mains Power Hookup Lead. Connects to 230/250vAC (*16 Amp hookup outlet or 32 Amp hookup Outlet). Splits one hookup to two 5 metre hookup leads. Share a single hookup socket. Perfect for families and friends who camp together and wish to hire just one hookup post. Connect multiple appliances to one single DG Commando outlet making room for others to connect. This is a solution for those who have found a lack of sockets available.

16 Amp Plug splits into 2 x 1.5mm Arctic cable rated 16 Amps. Max load over 2 couplers should not exceed 16 Amps (3.84 Kw). Not suitable for running heavy industrial appliances such as multi-killowatt heaters

32 Amp Plug splits into 2 x 1.5mm Arctic cable rated 16 Amps. Max load per coupler should not exceed 16 Amps (3.84 Kw).

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