Bestway Flowclear Pool Filter Pump (2006 Litres/h 530 Gallon/h)

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  • Bestway Flowclear Pool Filter Pump (2006 Litres/h 530 Gallon/h)  58383
  • 6942138966466 Pool Pump
  • Bestway Flowclear Pool Filter Pump (2006 Litres/h 530 Gallon/h)  58383
  • Bestway Flowclear Pool Filter Pump (2006 Litres/h 530 Gallon/h)  58383
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  • The Bestway® 530gal Flowclear™ Filter Pump is the ideal choice for Bestway pools; this paddling pool filter pump ensures your pool is clean and clear of debris
  • The Bestway pool filter pump handles larger swimming pools with ease; this filter pump is for use with 1,100L – 14,300L (300 – 3,800gal) pools
  • A convenient way of keeping your pool water clean; the filter pump has a system flow rate or 1,817L (480gal) per hour
  • The included 4.2” x 5.4” filter cartridge is easily replaceable; even with regular use of your swimming pool, the filter cartridge will last a minimum of 2 weeks
  • A pool filter pump that is easy to set up and use; comes with all necessary hoses and attachments

Having a pool in the garden is all the rage on those hot summer days. However, when you come to take your pool out of storage and find the filter pump you had last year is no longer working, what do you do? 

Frabco Solution Centre now supplies this Flowclear replacement pump for use with pools upto 14,300 Litres. Simply replace your old pump with a brand new one. Hoses and filter included.

From the Manufacturer

Thinking of upgrading your outdoor swimming pool experience? The 530gal Flowclear™ Filter Pump can help you achieve this.

This Bestway® pool filter pump can help keep your paddling pool clean and clear of debris. Filter cartridge pumps are an economical and convenient way to keep your pool water clean and are so simple to set up. The 530gal Flowclear™ Filter Pump comes with a 4.2in x 5.4in filter cartridge that can be simply and easily replaced. Even if you’re using your swimming pool every day, a cartridge will last a minimum of two weeks, and much longer if you keep your pool covered and protected.

Once the pump is connected to the pool and the filter system, the pump can push through 480gal of water per hour (1,817L/hr system flow rate). This integrated system flow rate makes the 530gal pump perfect for Bestway® pools with a volume of 1,100L – 14,300L such as Steel Frame and Fast Set™ Pools.


Can be used with Bestway or Intex Pools. 

Other information

220-240 V, 50 Hz, 29 W. Pumps 2006 L (530 gallons) per hour. For use with 1100-14300 L (300-3800 gallons) pools. retail packaged. Content: One filter pump.

Ideal for those who have purchsed a pool where a pumpwas not included. 

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