European 16A Type E/ F Schuko Plug, IP44 Heavy Duty Self Wire

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  • 16A Type E/ F Schuko Plug, IP44 Heavy Duty Self Wire
  • IP44 Rated weatherproof body Schuko plug inside view self wire
  • CEE 7/7 plug compatible with E and F front view
  • European 16A Type E/ F Schuko Plug


European 16A 2-pin + Earth Schuko plug for heavier duty applications
  • IP44 Rated weatherproof body
  • 250VAC/16A rated
  • Screw Termination
  • Self Wire allows for attaching to youir existing appliance flex
  • CEE 7/7 plug (compatible with E and F)

For travel to the European countries where Schuko Types E and F are supported.

Note that Type E as used in France supports the grounding pin type F as in Germany supports the grounding clips on the outer edges. This plug can be connected to both types of socket.

The CEE 7/7 plug fits in either French or German sockets.

The CEE 7/7 plug has earthing contacts to connect to either the CEE 7/3 socket or the CEE 7/5 socket. It is polarised when used with a French CEE 7/5 socket, but can be inserted two ways into a CEE 7/3 socket. The plug is rated at 16 A.

This plug can be inserted into a Danish Type K socket, but the earth contact will not connect so please ensure that your item is double insulated in this case.

Check compataboility of the country you intend to use the appliance here


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