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Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser Liquid Plant Feed

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Growth Technology Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser is ideal for growing tomatoes and peppers. It is a rich solution of pure organic plant extracts, formulated to provide optimal nutrition; this great product is designed to support healthier plant growth and heavier crops with more flavoursome taste.

The organic answer to great tomatoes, chillies and peppers in sustainable garden environments.

Organic Tomato Fertiliser is carefully manufactured from pure natural materials to support healthy plant growth, adding long term fertility to soils. Our formulation brings together a complex profile of soluble plant extracts, seaweeds and plant acids extracted from ancient depositions of leaf litter. The blend of humic and fulvic acids along with seaweed and other vegetable fertilisers ensures correct feeding during successive stages of the growth cycle.

Organic Tomato Fertiliser:

  • It is an optimum feed for tomatoes and ideally suited to chillies and peppers
  • It provides organic nutrient solution for a healthy and sustainable garden environment
  • It is a compound liquid fertiliser formulated for flavour and yield
  • Ensures correct feeding during successive stages of the growth cycle 

It is easy to use. During early growth, seedlings onwards, mix 5 ml (1 tsp) to each litre of water, or 22.5 ml (one generous capful) per gallon. Apply to plants 2–3 times per week.

As soon as fruits begin to appear, mix 10 ml (2 tsp) to each litre of water, or 45 ml (two generous capfuls) per gallon. Apply to plants 1–2 times per week.

Mix thoroughly before applying to plants.

Available in 1 litre, 2 litres and 5 litre bottles.

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