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Liquid PTFE 50g

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Anaerobic adhesive–gluing, sealing and locking metal/plastic parts. Superb results can be achieved with this product. Use it to seal leaky joint, metal or plastic threads. Can be used on water, gas and compressed air systems. Seals and glues joints airtight. Easily loosen and unscrew joints with hand tools. Far better than PTFE tape to fix those troublesome leaks. Lubricates screw joints too. Ideal for leaky shower pipe joints. Waste pipe leaks. Fantastic stuff. Observe Cautions and read the label

  • Anaerobic adhesive-gluing, sealing and locking metal/plastic parts
  • East to apply, simply run a single bead of paste around the screw thread before screwing together
  • Works wonders. Stops Leaks Fast
  • Creates a water and airtight seal fast
  • Easy and quick


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